Dog Boarding in Lawton

Playtimes/walks are 30 minutes long. They are $7.00 for the first dog, and $5.00 (each) for any additional dog(s). We like to do group plays as the dogs have more fun that way. If your dog does not get along with other dogs and you want a playtime, he can have an individual play.

Plays and Walks

Small dogs under 8lbs -$12.00

Medium dogs 8-20lbs -$15.00

Large dogs 20-50lbs -$20.00

Extra Large dogs 50-90lbs - $25.00

We are unable to bath dogs over 90 lbs. Dogs that are matted or shedding will be an additional $10.00-$20.00

Bathing Rates

Pick up or drop off in Lawton. West of Sheridan Rd -$20.00

Pick up or drop off in Lawton. East of Sheridan Rd -$25.00

Pick up or drop off on Ft. Sill -$25.00

Pick up or drop off in Cache -$25.00

This service is by appointment only.

Pick Up and Drop Off Services

We ask that you bring Pill Pockets for medication. They can be purchased at most pet stores in town or your vet office. Please refrain from bringing cheese, meat, peanut butter or any other food to "hide" the pill in. If Pill Pockets do not accompany the dog's medication, you will be charged $1/Pill Pocket that we provide.


$16.00/day (regardless of the size of dog)

$13.00/day (each) for any additional dog(s) sharing the same kennel.

The boarding fees include food. If you prefer your dog(s) stay on their regular diet, please bring their food in a sealed container with their name and amount of food they get per meal written on the container. You are welcome to bring bedding and chew toys as well.

Some holiday weekends as well as Christmas, New Years Day, Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day require a four day minimum charge.

We require a $50.00 deposit per kennel to reserve a kennel during holiday weekends or any holiday listed above. This is applied to the kennel bill. The deposit is refundable with 72 hours notice prior to your dogs scheduled drop off time and date.

Boarding Rates

Deyo Mission Kennels is located just outside Lawton city limits and offers large indoor kennels with attached outdoor runs. We have two sizes, 4'x4' indoor with 4'x10' outdoor run, and 4'x6' with 6'x10' outdoor run. Doggy doors are open 24/7 so your dog can be inside or outside as he/she wishes.

Air conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter.

Concrete and covered outdoor runs.

Continual music and calming aromatherapy. Lots and lots of attention. 

Dog Boarding In Lawton